Seattle 24oz mug

Jumbo Soup/Coffee Mugs – 24 ounce Seattle

Seattle 24oz mug When you want a large mug or cup of coffee you need Jumbo Soup/Coffee Mugs 24oz. by Seattle. These are large mugs and they satisfy your desire to get an adedquate amount of java into your system in one fell swoop. Coming in sets of 4 or 6 cups they are decorative and sturdy made of quality ceramics. The handles are strong and reliable.

They are also ideal for having your favorite cup of soup with no problem. For comfort and to avoid spillage you would want to avoid filling them to the brim of the cup.

Product Features:

  • Beautiful Set of 4 Cobalt Blue Mugs
  • Great for soup, coffee, chili, mocha, etc.
  • Dishwasher+Microwave Safe. lead free glazes.
  • Manufacturer listed capacity is 24 ounces "to the brim"
  • Practical usable capacity is closer to 19 ounces


This set of mugs will compliment any dining setting, your guest's will enjoy the feel and capacity of these mugs. They are named after a city that is known for it's coffee lovers, Seattle, WA. Why not get yourself these delightful mugs today. "Click Here" to get this set of coffee mugs at a great price!